Pedagogy of the Family

Pedagogy of the Family

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Autore: Enzo Catarsi

Our society, at least within Europe, has lately undergone deep changes, which particularly affected the development of family institutions,
sometimes producing negative repercussions on children’s and families’ life conditions. Over the last thirty years, deep economic and
social changes have taken place. The consequences thereof regard a considerable slackening in population increase, inflation increase, drop
in investments and rise in unemployment rates, these being the results of a strong decline of the economic system and an apparent economic
crisis. On the other hand we have witnessed significant modifications on a socio-demographic level, such as the decline of traditional marriage,
insecurity of the global social climate and the change of women’s role within society and in their place of work.

These modifications of the family institution have undoubtedly had repercussions on the interpretation of the parental role, which is more
and more confined to the household unit alone.

 This book is meant to face these problems accurately, starting from the integrated and complementary relationship between upbringing and family pedagogy. The purpose is to strengthen the culture of parenting by encouraging educational self-sufficiency of parental couples, which are supported specifically thanks to the educational “group”. In this connection, the educational value of this methodological choice stands out in the various backgrounds where the parental commitment becomes manifest, from birth preparation courses to childcare and school.

Enzo Catarsi is Professor of “General Pedagogy” and Director of the Department of Educational Sciences, Cultural and Training Processes of the University of Florence. He’s the editor-in-chief of “Rivista Italiana di Educazione Familiare” and a editing committee member of the reviews “Studi sulla Formazione” and “Ricerche Pedagogiche”. He is also a member of the scientific consulting committee of magazine “Bambini” and is in charge of “Bruno Ciari” study center in Empoli (Florence).

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