Italy’s Politicians in the News

Italy’s Politicians in the News

Journalistic translation and cultural representation

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Autore: Denise Filmer
Insights. The English Bookshelf #4

This volume explores some of the underlying mechanisms that influence the ways in which news producers shape knowledge on cultural difference. Viewing translation within a broader framework of intercultural communication, the qualitative study examines the construction of translation-mediated news, focussing on two Italian political figures: Silvio Berlusconi and Matteo Salvini. Newspapers still play a crucial role in mediating between politicians and the public. Yet, the words of foreign leaders are invisibly filtered, reformulated and recontextualised in the translational act. Adopting multimodal critical discourse analysis methods, the study unpacks the meaning making processes involved in representing the foreign, offering fresh perspectives on journalistic translation.

Denise Filmer  is a research fellow in the Department of Philology, Literature, and Linguistics at the University of Pisa, where she also teaches English for Specific Purposes in the Department of Political Science. She holds a PhD and an MA by Research in Translation Studies (Durham University UK). Her research focuses on ideology in translation, political discourse, journalistic translation, audiovisual translation, gender and sexuality in media discourse, intercultural mediation, and cross-cultural pragmatics. She is the author of Translating Racial Slurs: last linguistic taboo and translational dilemma (Lambert Academic Publishing). She has published in leading international journals including Cultus: International Journal of Intercultural Communication and Perspectives: Studies in Translation Theory and Practice, and in collective research volumes with international publishers such as Routledge and Benjamins. She serves as reviewer for several international journals and is a member of the Editorial Advisory Board of Cambridge Scholars.

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