Flexi-jobs or Flexi-lives?

Flexi-jobs or Flexi-lives?

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Autrice: Valentina Cuzzocrea
Introduction: Miriam Glucksmann
Collana: Scienze Sociali

Something crucial has changed in the way we experience work and in the expectations we have from it. A redefinition of what work is for young adults, as well as what it means to settle down, to get established, and to launch oneself in the world of adults, is very much needed. This book unpacks the broad question of how the increasing flexibility of the labour market affects the way in which young, educated workers build their career paths. If agents are able to “act otherwise”, how do they use the resources they can see to build a professional path? If a number of aspects of the world of work are turning to be disadvantageous, what other things can be obtained that are not otherwise available? These seem to be very important questions due to the lack of guidelines on how to engage with a new world of employment, in which new identities are being negotiated. In this book, the author tackles with these themes through a comparison between a group of early career professionals based in Italy and one based in England. She proposes to use the modulations of individualism, individualisation and self-entrepreneurship as emerged in the accounts of the sixty informants as interpretative lenses, in order to explore the motivations to action behind contextually specific career strategies. Ultimately, she suggests the adoption of a “flexi-lives” perspective as a useful one to capture the Zeitgeist of graduate professionals recently entered into the labour market.

Valentina Cuzzocrea works at the University of Cagliari (Italy), where she has lectured Sociology and is currently funded by a research fellowship of the Region of Sardinia.
She received  an  M.A. and PhD in Sociology from the University of Essex (UK), where she has developed an interest in how young qualified people earn their own place in the world. She enjoys discussing her research at national and international conferences, and has published several contributions, both in Italian and English, in edited books and peer reviewed journals. Flexi-jobs or Flexi-lives? is her first book.

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