Formulaic Language in Disney Animated Films

Formulaic Language in Disney Animated Films

The Case of Idioms and Greetings

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Autore: Gianmarco Vignozzi
Insights. The English Bookshelf #3

This book features a linguistic study of Disney animated films. In particular,it expands on the usage and functions of idioms and greetings, two examplesof formulaic expressions in English.The research aims at casting light on how some very recurrent linguisticexpressions in everyday English have important narrative purposes; namely,idioms that are markedly repetitive and formulaic figurative language chunks,and greetings, which are fixed conversational routines commonly covering aphatic function.

In fact, the analysis carried out throughout the chaptersdescribes both their pragmatic and dramatic functions.The analysis also shows how the high level of accuracy and the attentivestratification of meanings, also conveyed by formulaic expressions, contributeto make Disney animated films appealing not only to children, the maintarget of the scriptwriters, but also for adults, who especially appreciate thewittiness with which dialogues are constructed.

The Walt Disney Company’s audiovisualproducts have had an enormous influenceon popular culture since the 1930sand have been a source of delight forgenerations all over the world ever since.For many (including myself ) the princes,princesses, villains and the fantasticalcreatures of Disney’s animations havebecome symbols of their youth. So muchso that, seeing the films as an adult oftengives rise to a feeling of nostalgia forthey have become a memento of one’schildhood world. But what kind of worldis this? Why is it so appealing to childrenand adults alike? What is the role oflanguage in achieving such a universalappeal? The study presented in this bookwas sparked by these preliminary andrather ambitious questions.

Gianmarco Vignozzi  holds a Ph.D. inEnglish linguistics from the University ofPisa, where he is teaching English languageand linguistics and is currently carryingout his research. His main interests lie inthe area of ESP and corpus linguistics,ranging from political discourse and filmicdiscourse analysis, to corpus stylisticsand audiovisual translation. One of hislatest publications is a monograph onthe language of British and American tvpolitical interviews (Cambridge Scholars2019).

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